Phonics -  over 150 free printable materials avClick to replace anchor textailable for phonics, sight words, reading, and writing

Worksheet Generator- this website provides access to a free worksheet generator for those that sign up to become a member


101 Websites -  this is a list of 101 websites that teachers may find helpful.  Games and more for use in the classroom

15 Great Websites-  This is a list of 15 more websites that teachers may find useful in their classroom. Many resources for the teachers themselves such as Scholastic and School Library Journal.

Teacher Stuff

Icebreakers- icebreakers activities are provided for teachers to use in the classroom to loosen up young kids

Financial Literacy-  this website provides resources to teach a financial literacy unit.  Materials needed, discussion suggestions, as well as printable worksheets are on the website

STEM Activities-  this website offers 12 cool and fun activities for young children to perform that align with  STEM.  Recommended print resources are also provided for teachers to explore.

Apps for Kids-  apps that are great for learning are provided here.  Some free and others must be bought

Move & Learn-  These move and learn activities provide ways for teachers to burn off energy of children while learning in the process


Civil War-  this is a free Civil War curriculum that is provided to grades elementary up to high school gifted and talented 

Science Experiments-  this is a guide to a full year of science experiments.  The experiments are listed by month 

Interactive Notebook-  if you have ever wanted to start an interactive science notebook, then this website can provide some guidance.  FAQ, blog posts, idea gallery and more

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