Library Impacts

Library Fact 1

I estimated December circulation figures to yield 2018 total circulation.

If you take 2018 total circulation numbers, multiply them times the average cost of an item, you end up with $1,222,788.82

What does that mean? That means that if the citizens of Catahoula Parish had to purchase the items that were circulated individually, it would cost this amount (yes that is over a million dollars).

If you deduct what the library had to pay for those items and add in the savings from e-books listed below, you discover that the Library is saving the parish $1,308,165.20 a year.

That is money that would otherwise leave the parish to purchase these items. This is one reason why public libraries are so important to communities. Your return on investment is beyond what most people ever know.

In addition to these savings to the parish, there is also the benefit of placing the ability into the hands of EVERY citizen in this parish, regardless of your income, to access reading material. A person does not have to go to Amazon or Barnes & Nobles and look through the books that you wish that you could read but cannot afford. They are available at no charge to all citizens at the public library. This helps raise the literacy levels in communities which in turn helps maintain a better educated workforce for future potential employers.


The Library participates in an e-book consortium. This costs us $3,000 a year. If you compute the total number of items checked out over the last year, times the average cost of an item, you arrive at a cost of $124,209.80.

That is the amount of money that would have left the community if those items were purchased by individuals instead of accessed free through the Library.

Therefore, the savings to Catahoula Parish residents were $121, 209.80 for just e-book circulation alone over the last year.

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